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The Journal of Historical Fictions evolved from the first conference of the Historical Fictions Research Network, held at Anglia Ruskin University, UK, in 2016. The Journal is an Open Access, double-blind peer-reviewed scholarly journal, published online at historicalfictionsjournal.org. Two issues will be published each year. All articles are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

ISSN 2514-2089

Narrative constructions of the past constitute a powerful discursive system for the production of cognitive and ideological representations of identity, agency, and social function, and for the negotiation of conceptual relationships between societies in different times and lived experience. The licences of fiction, especially in mass culture, define a space in which the pursuit of narrative and meaning is permitted to slip the chains of sanctioned historical truths to explore the deep desires and dreams that lie beneath all constructions of the past. Historical fictions measure the gap between the pasts we are permitted to know and those we wish to know, interacting between the meaning-making narrative and the narrative-resistant nature of the past.

The Journal of Historical Fictions welcomes proposals from disciplines as diverse as archaeology, literature, film, history, media studies, art history, musicology, reception studies, and museum studies. We encourage ambitious approaches of high quality, using new methodologies to support research into larger trends. The Journal aims to foster more theoretically informed understandings of the mode across historical periods, cultures, media and languages.

Editor: Dr Juliette Harrisson, Newman University, Birmingham, UK

Department of History
Newman University
Genner’s Lane
Bartley Green
Birmingham B32 3NT
United Kingdom

Co-Editors: Dr Natasha Alden, Aberystwyth University; Alison Baker, University of East London; Jacobus Bracker, University of Hamburg; Dr Benjamin Dodds, Florida State University; Dr Dorothea Flothow, University of Salzburg; Dr Catherine Padmore, La Trobe University; Dr Yasemin Şahin, Karaman University.

Design: Jacobus Bracker, University of Hamburg

Advisory Board
Isobel Elstob, University of Nottingham
Elizabeth English, Cardiff Metropolitan
Kristina Fjelkestam, Stockholm University
Dr Jerome de Groot, University of Manchester
Nicola Griffith
Dr Gregory Hampton, Howard University
Antony Keen, University of Notre Dame
Professor Farah Mendlesohn
Professor Fiona Price, University of Chichester
Professor Martina Seifert, University of Hamburg
Professor Diana Wallace, University of South Wales
Dr Helen Young, Deakin University

We welcome offers of service on the Advisory Board, and for specialist peer-reviewing. Please send us an email with your details and offer, to mail@historicalfictionsjournal.org.