The Journal of Historical Fictions

JHF 1:1, 2017


JHF 1:1, 2017, i—iii

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Johanna Huthmacher

Victims, heroes, perpetrators: German art reception and its re-construction of National Socialist persecution

JHF 1:1, 2017, 1—24

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Ruth Knezevich

Curating the past:
Margins and materiality in Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan’s The Wild Irish Girl

JHF 1:1, 2017, 25—44

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Tarik Ahmed Elseewi

Contentious history in “Egyptian” television: The case of Malek Farouq

JHF 1:1, 2017, 45—64

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Margot Renard

The faces of history. The imagined portraits of the Merovingian kings at the Versailles museum (1837-1842)

JHF 1:1, 2017, 65—88

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Ioulia Kolovou

Masculine crusaders, effeminate Greeks, and the female historian: Relations of power in Sir Walter Scott’s Count Robert of Paris

JHF 1:1, 2017, 89—110

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JHF 1:2, 2017


JHF 1:2, 2017, i—iii

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Jeffrey Brassard

Slavophilism, nostalgia and the curse of Western ideas: Reflections on Russia’s past in Alexander Proshkin’s 2006 adaptation of Doctor Zhivago

JHF 1:2, 2017, 111—129

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Julius Redzinski

Making the fiction visible: Even the Rain and cinematic and historiographical discourses about history

JHF 1:2, 2017, 131—147

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Mareike Katharina Schumacher

The efoto-project: Narrative construction of the past and semi-automated data curation

JHF 1:2, 2017, 149—173

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Jake Walters

Fractured places and subjective spaces – Historical objectivity and individual agency in Robert Altman’s McCabe and Mrs. Miller

JHF 1:2, 2017, 175—192

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